Being a ChoreChaser


Who are you? Are you working and looking for extra hours? Are you looking to make ChoreChaser your career? Either is fine by us.


What do you want to do? Only landscaping jobs? Only drywall patching? Only gutter cleaning? A little bit of everything?


Where do you want to work? Locally? Far away? Somewhere in between? On your sofa? Any of the above? 


When do you want to work? Every day? Only weekends? Thursdays? Only on full moon Sundays after eating green jello? Okey dokey


Why are you looking for work? Bored? Paying for kids' college? Saving for an exotic cruise? Why do we ask? 'Cause we wanna help.

How much?

How much do you wanna make as a ChoreChaser? A little? A lot? Give us your little number. Now give us your big number.